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Termite Control Specialist in the Florida Keys

We specialize in eliminating drywood and subterranean termites from your South Florida property. Both insects pose a significant threat to your home or business, so the quicker your response to a potential problem, the better the outcome. During the summer months, you’ll find drywood termites at their peak. They usually swarm around this time of year, potentially causing severe damage to your home.

Subterranean termites, on the other hand, live in soil underground. They thrive in moist conditions. Constructing mud tunnels to the surface as a way to reach food, they consume wood before returning underground. If you notice a tube-like structure near your foundation, it may be an indication of termites.

If you see these signs, don’t hesitate to call our licensed and insured team to rid your residential or commercial property of termites and other pests, including spiders, ants and fleas. We have the solution to your pest control problems in the Florida Keys and Marathon, Florida.


Drilling through concrete to access soil below for termiticide injection