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Palmetto Bug Control in South Florida

Palmetto bugs are also known as American cockroaches and are typically found throughout the South. Located in dark and damp places, they often seek shelter, food and water, and may gravitate to your residence. When the weather isn’t ideal, you may find them in your home as well. Roof shingles, sewers, sinks and tubs, drains, basements, hollow trees and woodpiles are also homes for these bugs.

Infestation can occur during the changes in seasons. If your home is effected, Palmetto bugs can contaminate kitchen counters and dishes. This pest has been known to cause allergic reactions, including sneezing rashes and asthma attacks. If you think that you have a Palmetto bug problem, Williams Pest Control LLC is the one to call.

Our pest control specialists have the experience and know-how to rid your property of these stomach-churning pests. Contact us for more information about our services for residents and businesses throughout the Florida Keys.

Palmetto Bug 1  Palmetto 2

             Death head roach                     Various life stages of palmetto bugs