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Ant Control & Elimination in Key Largo

AntsAs with any pest infestation, getting rid of ants is an arduous task. From tiny ghost ants to the larger Florida carpenter ants, a sense of urgency is required to limit the potential of infestation.

Florida carpenter ants are distinct in that their bodies are red, black and winged. This species of ant will nest in partially decayed wood and other moist areas providing a stable environment. Because this species tend to nest outdoors, your home may be vulnerable if forests surround it. Additionally, gutters, vents, trashcans and sheds are prime breeding ground for these insects. Firewood is also a common place where a nest can be found.

Like their counterparts, ghost ants are drawn to moist environments – whether they’re indoors or outdoors. They can be found under sinks in your bathroom or kitchen, as well as in baseboards and potted plants. If it’s a carpenter or ghost ant problem, we can help. Let our experts take care of it. Williams Pest Control LLC is your trusted source for exterminating solutions throughout the Florida Keys. We proudly serve residents and businesses from Big Pine Key to Key West, as well as Marathon, Florida.